The Climb
This video is a result of reflection on the nature of tasks, action, and meaning. What constitutes meaning in tasks, and what inspires us to act?

I used to live in Lubbock, Texas, a notoriously flat place. To film this video, I traveled to Post, Texas, where one will find the closest land mass resembling a mountain. George Mallory, a British mountaineer who met his death on a Mt. Everest expedition, famously responded to an interviewer’s question of “Why climb the mountain?” with, “Because it’s there.” In this video, the right portion of the diptych shows my climb of this small Post mountain, and the left rests on the mountain itself. The audio is a reading of a rejected teaching application from 2014.

The Myth of Sisyphus, by Albert Camus, beautifully describes action in the face of futility, as Sisyphus is condemned to repeatedly push a boulder up a mountain for eternity. Juxtaposing Mallory’s and Camus’ intent, I trust that failure is subjective, and much of one’s growth comes from commitment to the act itself, rather than its outcome.

Walking towards me walking towards you
I live in Austin, Texas, while the majority of my close friends and family live elsewhere. Virtual mechanisms can only bring one so close. This short video illustrates the distance between virtual and physical.